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Huts "Quartier"

You will to go camping, but don’t have to bring your tent, ideal if you do a hiking or cycling tour, or if you travel by motorcycle and don’t want to have much luggage. Or you are already camping with us and you have visitors that want to stay overnight. Waking up and opening the glass doors of your Quartier Hut, you will stand on the terrace and feel one with surrounding nature. 

Our Quartier Huts are small accommodations without inventory that can be rented per night, you have to bring your own sleeping bag, there are 4 beds in each hut. There is electric heating, light and an electric socket plug. Outside in front of the hut is a picnic-table. Smoking and cooking is not allowed in the huts. Shower and washing in the campsite’s washrooms is included in the price. In our restaurant you can have breakfast in the morning an dinner à la carte in the evening. 
Rates per night, including electricity, shower and free WiFi : 

Luxembourg offers a luggage transfer from one overnight accomodation to the next, in 2021 this will be free of charge.  Details on

01.07.- / 15.08.-07.11.
with 1-2 persons:45,00 eur35,00 eur
with 3 persons:60,00 eur45,00 eur
with 4 persons :75,00 eur55,00 eur
pet animal:allowed, 2,50 eur per night extraallowed, 2,50 eur per night extra

No booking fee, you have always to pay the whole stay in advance. 

We ask you to leave the hut on your departure day before 12:00, on the arrival day the hut is all yours starting 14:00. 

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