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Sanitary equipment for disabled : Our building provides a separate cubicle for ladies and gents. There is a toilet (with arm-props), shower (chair fixed to the wall) en wash-sink with movable mirror. There is a trapezium to move from the wheel-chair to the toilet or the shower and back. The unit is large enough to provide enough space. A separate key to this area ensures privacy.
The swimming-pool has a separate entrance for wheel-chairs, the restaurant and shop can be reached with a detour. But : don't forget that the site is on a gentle slope and you will need some camping-experience.
We recommend that you should book in advance, so that we can keep a pitch near to the sanitary building. This will avoid disappointment. 

Should you need help with washing, clothing, injections, bandages, etc we can arrange help from the local service in Larochette (Hellef Doheem).  Please tell us in due time.



Babytub in ladies and gents building

*** 2021: camping pitches are available to book

for huts and chalets please look at the calendar for availability

The campsite is clsoed from November 8th, 2020 till April 1st, 2021, except for quick stopp and chalets. Read more above please.