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Restaurant Auf Kengert in Corona Times

The restaurant will be open again from Friday 29 May 2020.

Distance rules also apply in the restaurant and on the terrace. As a result, some tables are not in use. You must arrive and leave with a mask, even if you are e.g. going to the toilet. You don't have to wear a mask at the table, except when ordering or interacting with the waiting staff.

A maximum of 10 people, who are not from the same household, can sit at each table. If your own family is larger than 10, and there is no stranger, you can sit together with more.

A la carte is only possible with advance booking, we request that you adhere to the agreed times and numbers, and as much as possible only with the people from your household.

Please wait to be seated.

You can choose to view the menu on your mobile phone at the following website or by scanning the QR code. The regular restaurant menu will be disinfected regularly.

The waiting staff will wear face masks and place the food and drinks in the front part of the table. We request that you take it yourself. At the end of the meal, please put all the dishes in the front part of the table for clearing.

Pepper and salt are no longer standard on the table, and will be brought to you on request.

For payment, we ask you to come to the counter.

We ask that you order and pay for drinks and ice-creams on the terrace at the bar. Please do not move tables and chairs, otherwise the distances are no longer correct.

The indoor playground must remain closed for the time being according to government regulations.


  • varm baguette med hvidløgssmør 
  • dagens suppe 
  • varm gedeost med bacon
  • Luxembourg pâté 
  • snegle med hvidløg og smørdressing
  • røget Ardenner skinke 
  • scandinavisk platte med røget laks og røget øred 


  • 2 hamburgere med stegte løg og champignons 
  • Indonesisk ris-ret med kød i peanutsauce 
  • 2 spyd i peanut-sauce med pommes frites
  • Lasagne
  • Pizza Mozzarella
  • Mediterrannée : Mediterrannée, vegetarisk ovn-ret 
  • kyllingebryst ‘Manchebo’, i krydret sauce 
  • kylling schnitzel og with sød & sur sauce  
  • ørred med mandler 
  • laks med hollandaise sauce 

  • grillede lammekoteletter med hvidløgssmør 
  • kalvelever med bacon og løg 
  • Wiener Schnitzel med frit valg af sauce 
  • kalve cordon bleu med frit valg af sauce 
  • spyd med okse, svine of kyllinge kød 
  • svinekotelet med frit valg af sauce 
  • oksebøf med frit valg af sauce
  • grillet T-Bone Steak


valg af sauce

med hvidløgssmør 
med stegte champignons, peber og løg
jaeger sauce 
grøn peber sauce 


Retterne er serveret med pommes frites, salat og grøntsager (ris ved forespørgsel) – undtaget “indonesisk risret” og lasagne 


2021: der er stadig frie pladser i alle perioder, please contact us per e-mail
Hvad angår hytter, så tjek venligst kalenderen.

The campsite is open, the washblocks as well. Read more above about other things related to Corona please.
sorry, for the weekend of Ascension day and Whitsun we have no more vacancies.