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Mullerthal, Luxembourg's Little Switzerland :Hiking

FASCINATION ROCKS On a length of more than 110 km, the Mullerthal Trail passes through all the natural particularities of the Mullerthal Region – Luxembourg’s Little Switzerland. Natural paths lead through forests and pastures and can be combined with impressive canyons and bizarre rock formations.
To show you the different tracks, we have put some of them on everytrail, with pictures.

AP Ermsdorf 6,4 km
AP Larochette 8 km
AP Tadler 4,6 km
B2 Berdorf 4,9 km
B3 Bech 3,8 km
B5 Berdorf 5,7 km
B6 Bech 4,7 km
B10 Beaufort 5 km
B11 Berdorf 2,9 km
B12 Beaufort 3 km
B14 Beaufort 5,2 km
B16 Beaufort 4,3 km
B18 Beaufort 4,5 km
C4 Consdorf 6,6 km
C5 Consdorf 6 km
C6 Consdorf 5,2 km
E5 Echternach 13,2 km
E6 Ermsdorf 7,5 km hard
E8 Ermsdorf 6,3 km
E9 Ermsdorf 6,2 km
F5 Fischbach 4,2 km
H1 Heffingen 7,6 km
H2 Heffingen 5,8 km
L4 Larochette 10 km
M3 Mompach 4,5 km
M5 Medernach 8 km
Naturpad Beaufort 4,3 km
N1 Nommern 4,8 km
N2 Nommern 3,7 km
N3 Nommern 2,9 km
N4 Nommern 5,2 km
R2 Reisdorf 2,8 km
R5 Reisdorf 7,2 km
R6 Reisdorf 4 km
R7 Rosport 3,9 km
W1 Waldbillig 6,8 km
W2 Waldbillig 3,7 km
W4 Waldbillig 6 km
W5 Waldbillig 9,7 km

Links : Hiking and cycling

Mullerthal Trail This hiking track takes you for some 100 km through Mullerthal/Luxembourg’s Little Switzerland. You can start not far from the campsite. Maps and information at reception.
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Organized bike tours by LVI the bike specialists in Luxembourg
Alle Routes in Naturpark Our in Luxemburg with topographic maps
Bikemap net for Larochette Bike routes from fellow cyclers & - download cards for cycling the official cycling tracks
Geocaching Worldwide We have a whole folder of information about geocaching around the campsite ready for you at reception !
GPS Track for routes by motorbike starting from the campsite
MTB Tour Larochette starting from the Campsite
Rent a Bike in Diekirch
Rent a Bike in Ettelbrück
Rent a Bike in Mullerthal with nearest-by post : the youth hostel in Larochette
Rent a Bike on the Moselle

Mullerthal Cycling has prepared cycle routes for you, roadbook to be downloaded here

*** 2019 & 2020 : camping pitches are available to book

for huts and chalets please look at the calendar for availability