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Questions and Answers regarding Corona

Update 14-07-2020


The campsite is open, washrooms are accessible, with the usual distance policy and respect for one another.

Since July 10th, guests from United Kingdom do not have to go into quarantine when coming back from travelling outside UK.
There are different conditions.

Where there is contact with people other than your family, you will need to respect the 2 meters distance rule, and wear a mouthcap.  This is also valid inside buildings and in public transport.

The playgrounds are open (indoor and outdoor).  Children from the age of 13 on need to wear a mouth mask in the outdoor playgrounds and in the indoor playground from the age of 6. 
The swimmingpool is open, max 25 persons in the basin.
The shop is open.
Restaurant and terrace are open, read more under the tab "Restaurant" about the conditions.


Your bookings

What is certain:

  • If you have subscribed, or are going to subscribe the cancellation insurance, it will take effect in the event that you or someone in your family would become ill. Please read the conditions thoroughly on the insurance website.

  • Should we not be able to receive you due to decisions by Luxembourg or other governments, you will of course keep every payment for a next stay, even if that could only be 2021.


There has been a lot of talk about Luxembourg in recent days, in particular that the Belgian government has decided to give a code orange (travel advice with increased vigilance).

We would like to explain the situation here in Luxembourg:

In Luxembourg, the entire population and commuting workers from the neighbouring countries are being tested for Corona (more than 10,000 people per day, large scale testing), which is why more positive cases are emerging that might otherwise go unnoticed. In this way, one can precisely see where any dissemination has taken place and take targeted action. So it is a responsible way of dealing with the pandemic, but gives a distorted picture compared to other countries, because the numbers of infections are measured in relation to the number of inhabitants of Luxembourg (so without counting the commuting workers from the neighbouring countries, who do make up 20% of infected persons).

We don't think this will affect your holiday as long as everyone abides by the distance rules and we look forward to seeing you for your well-deserved holiday.


If you have any questions, please contact us.

camping during the high season 2020 

Yes! also because nature is a perfect opportunity to get away from the daily concerns. And isn't it a fact that camping people have their own transportation and home with them ? 

We think it is especially important that you enjoy your holiday without Corona playing the leading role in it, as it is now in your daily life. If you want to make a reservation, please do so via our own website, and not via online booking platforms, so that we won't have to pay expensive commissions to them.

We keep you informed on our website and the facebook page , please look in on a regular basis.

Booking for 2021

We opened the online booking possibilities on our website for 2021, with (for the time being) the same rates as 2020. 

*** 2020 : camping pitches are available to book

for huts and chalets please look at the calendar for availability

Dear guests, the campsite is open with washrooms, see more details above "Latest News"