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In our restaurant, you can see which ingredients can cause allergic reactions.

Allergens are proteins that can trigger an allergic reaction. People with food allergies react hypersensitively after eating allergens where they are allergic to.

Which allergens are involved?
14 food allergens arelisted whether they occur in the served dishes: gluten (as from grains such as wheat, rye, barley, oats, spelled, kamut), egg, fish, peanuts, nuts, soy, milk (including lactose), crustaceans, molluscs, celery, mustard, sesame seeds, sulphites and lupine.

Do not hesitate to ask for the list.

Of course you can bring special food for your family member with a food intolerance , we can keep it chilled or frozen for you during your stay with us, eg gluten-free bread, lactose-free milk ...

In Luxembourg there are several stores that have adapted products in their range.


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